In a wide range of roles, from Project Manager to Managing Director, Anton P. Halbich has acquired extensive Know-How in the operative leadership and performance improvement of national and international companies. First hand examples include the role of Managing Director of a measurement equipment specialist with locations in Germany, the USA and China, company consolidation and the completion of the M&A process for a German automotive supplier, the role of Plant Manager of a large generator manufacturing site for an American industrial corporation or the leadership of the Simultaneous Engineering unit of a German diesel engine manufacturer.

Based upon this multifaceted, practical experience, Anton P. Halbich recognised that the long term performance of medium-sized industrial companies can be measured and sustainably improved using a structured approach. He developed Lean Business Systems, a practical methodology based upon Lean and Six Sigma principles.

The company is part of an integrated network of international experts with many years of experience. Examples include renowned companies in the areas of restructuring and reorganisation, notable banks, competent consultants and distinguished M&A practices. Experienced experts with far-reaching expertise and industrial experience support Lean Business Systems, as required, for the implementation of measures.

Warum Lean Business Systems?

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