Lean Business SystemS Case Studies

Successful consolidation of an automotive supplier via M&A during the biggest financial crisis in the German automotive industry.
For a number of reasons, a family operated supplier to the automotive industry with a €M double digit turnover and a triple digit employee headcount found itself in structural difficulties.

The company instructed a management consultant to draw up a IDW S6 report. The report concluded that only by consolidating both the operative and sales organisations could the company be saved.

The management team put their faith in the banks together with Anton P. Halbich as shareholder and CRO to implement the challenging plan.

Significant losses and a tight cashflow situation characterised the financial position of the company from the outset. Using Lean Business Systems methodology, Anton P. Halbich identified the primary causes and pinpointed structural solutions. Losses of more than 10% were reduced to zero within one year during the biggest financial crisis in the German automotive industry. The M&A process was successfully concluded through the sale of the company to an established component supplier.
Reorganisation of the eMobility business unit of a leading cable manufacturer.
A renowned cable manufacturer successfully acquired a contract to develop, certify, manufacture and market a Mode 2 electrical charging cable for a premium british vehicle manufacturer.

As interim Managing Director of E-Mobility, Anton P. Halbich was tasked to establish, structure and lead the business unit. In order to implement a product with the necessary performance, to the agreed timescale, cost and price, it was necessary for Anton P. Halbich to form the company employees into an effective team.

In 2019 the Mode 2 charging cable was successfully launched following certification according to IEC, manufacturer and market specific requirements in more than 100 different countries. The structured approach using Lean Business Systems methodology resulted in a 20% manufacturing cost reduction against plan and enabled additional returns resulting from intensive price negotiation with the customer.
Reorientation of an international measurement equipment specialist with locations in Germany, the USA, China, Mexico and Singapore.
A US-American private equity company acquired an owner-operated test and measurement equipment specialist in the global receptacle industry. The objective was to expand the holding by acquiring further companies and become the world market leader in test equipment for the packaging industry.

As managing director, Anton P. Halbich realigned the technology orientated company. He led the company headquarters in Germany and held responsibility for the subsidiaries in the USA, China, Mexico and Singapore.

A newly developed fully automatic system was the enabler to win a key customer in China. The system was successfully installed at one of the largest brewery bottling companies in the world. The implementation of price and cash strategies, the initiation of marketing strategies, material cost reduction and a rework of the product portfolio cemented stable growth. Following Due Diligence activities, the takeover of a major competitor in Israel was prepared and executed.

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